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In our world today, there are many revolutions occurring. Some are huge, explosive ones which are paid for in blood and tears while others are quiet, slow and relentless. One of these is the shift in our thinking about how we power our lives. Nowadays, many people are looking at ways to make energy more affordable, more sustainable, and better for the environment and that is where we here at DW Energy Advisors come in…

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Energy Advisors say it’s Time for a Change…

At last count, the global population tipped over the seven billion mark and this earth is poised to see the population blow through 9 billion in the next thirty years and even tip over 11 billion by 2050. That’s a lot of people and while we have a lot of hope that by then we can start moving away from planet earth, there are still many people who are going to need a way to power their lives. Even now, there are energy crisis cropping up all over the globe-oil shortages leading to increased prices and more dangerous practices in digging the stuff up, the pollution problems in China and many second and third world countries struggling to catch up, partly because they don’t have access to the same levels of energy we do. But even in so-called ‘first world’ countries, there has been a huge blow back in terms of the traditional sources of energy such as oil and coal. Movements like Idle No More demonstrate how many people are sick and tired of risking their environment for a product that they know is finite, overpriced, and hazardous.

And it’s true: even the most die hard oil and gasoline advocate must know that it is a finite resource and it’s one we are plowing through with greater speed all the time. Soon, perhaps in the next hundred years or so, it will run out and those who are not prepared for it are going to find themselves in a terrible energy crunch.

A Green Revolution in Thinking!

Here at Downwind (DW) Energy , we don’t want to see that happen. Indeed, we would love to see a world free from the need to depend on oil and gas long before it runs out and before any more pipelines burst. And we’re starting the push in the best way we know how: by providing readers with a wide range of information, product reviews, news, technology updates, and even more information about all of the forms of green energy! From solar panels to bladeless wind turbines, from the wind farms of Japan to the plans for orbital solar panels, from electric cars to rooftop gardens, we bring it all together here in the hopes of teaching, inspiring, motivating, and simply making readers go ‘huh, that’s interesting.” And we even have an entire section devoted to ways you can make your home more energy efficient, even if you have no intention of going off the grid. Because hey, not all of us are opposed to the non-renewable sources of energy, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to save money every month.

And speaking of money, we also look for things like rebates, money saving tips on going green, tax breaks and other ways to save you some more dough on this investment. We know it’s expensive to make the world change and we want to help you shave those pennies where you can.

So come on in, take a look around. Tell us what you’d like to learn more about and we’ll do our best to find it out. And check back regularly because there’s always something new going on around here. We keep tabs on things like the new solar panels coming out, the new turbines, products, ideas on sustainability, cool looking gadgets and other great things meant to help you become more energy self-sufficient, shrink your impact on the environment and still live the life you enjoy. We here at DW Energy Advisors are here to help.